Friday, 18 April 2014

Final Environments, Underground Cavern, and weapon designs

Final underground dungeon

Vale Environment final

Tundra Environment final

Volcanic Environment final

First Dungeon, weapon drop designs

First Dungeon, 3 weapon final designs
Here are the final versions of the Vale Environment, Tundra Environment, and the Volcanic Environment. Finally I decided to do one of my bonus tasks where I designed weapons for the first dungeon that would drop from bosses.

For the designs I wanted them to seem like they belong in the dungeon, and also that they could have been used by the characters in the dungeon. I thought of 3 classes as well when designing them, the dagger is meant for a Rogue, the gun like object below it is a welding tool which I thought could be a like a short range gun for a hunter, and the object to the right is meant to be a cattle prod type wand that the shaman uses to keep the workers in line, this weapon would be used be Warlocks/Shamans/Mages etc

As mentioned earlier on in the blog I was using the site CGhub in order to post my work and gain feedback, unfortunately due to their abrupt shut down earlier this week I have lost that data so will no longer be able to use it for my final report.

Edit: Forgot to post my frozen environment final as well.

Frozen Environment final

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