Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Final environment touch ups and Murloc trash mob final designs

Tundra environment final touches

Vale environment final touches

Murloc welder, Dungeon 1, Trash mob 1

Murloc engineer, Dungeon 1, Trash mob 1
I received feedback from my tutor that I needed to render the rocks and water as they did not look finished in 2 of my environments, so I took the opportunity to give both paintings above another once over, I think these are the finals now.

I also forgot to post the two 'trash' mob designs in my last post. They are both meant to be Murloc minions, ones a Engineer of sorts and the other a Welder. The idea is that they look like they perform an actual role in the dungeon, I feel this adds to the believability and story of the characters. Which in tern makes them more interesting.

One the aspects I have taken away from this project is the need to think of a back story and context when creating characters, I feels it has really helped me to create interesting looking characters as opposed to previous character works I have done which can sometimes look rather derivative or not as interesting as they could be.

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