Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Style test character, first two environments and associated development work.

Here is the initial style test character that I did to start myself off with the project. I was trying to find a balance between my own natural inclinations for painting and the Warcraft style. I found this was a good exersize just to get my ideas for the project going.

Initial style test character
After I did this I started on the development for my first zone design, which I will be doing as environment establishing shots similar to the concept art I have seen for the franchises expansions which our designed to sell the idea of the zone to the development team.

For the first environment I wanted to have a 'Mist of Panadaria' feel to the zone to give it some continuity to the current expansion.

Thumbnails for the first zone

Current wip of the first zone final
For the second zone I went for a more 'Howling Fjord' type environment. The thumbnails and wips for the final version can be seen below.

Second Environment thumbs

Second Environment wip 1

Second Environment wip 2
I am planning to tighten up this environment and get the thumbnails and first wip done for the third environment next.

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