Monday, 17 February 2014

Further progress on the second environment, thumbnails for 4th and 5th environment

Here is the current wip of the second environment:

Second environment wip 3
At this point I feel I just need to carry on tightening up the focal areas and detailing

I have also started thumbnailing the 4th and 5th environments.

Frozen environment thumbs

Underwater (or recently recovered from the sea) environment thumbs
As per my self imposed brief I am trying to make each environment unique, which is a challenge on its own. I am hoping that each one be interesting enough that I could easily design a zone and its various features such as dungeons, creatures, characters etc easily.

I am trying to introduce more architecture into these shots as well as I want them to be the first images that establish that zone and help to inform further designs like an initial concept pitch would be.

I don't think I mentioned it before but I am creating these abstractly in order to come up with unique designs to build from as I don't want my environments to feel derivative but I don't want them to feel out of place or unfamiliar within the setting either.

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