Monday, 17 March 2014

Underground cavern design progress, Goblin Taskmaster mini boss development

Taskmaster mini boss head sketches

Taskmaster Gaz'lan wip
Here is the start of my first dungeon boss designs, for the previously posted geothermal power plant themed dungeon.

To start the designs off I decided that I would design the head of the character first, as I have found previously that an interestingly designed head can make designing the rest of the character easier.For this boss I have gone with the idea of a taskmaster of slaves - who will be the trash mobs I design later, this boss would be a mini-boss that you would fight on the way to the main dungeon boss.

When looking at the designs for previous Goblin bosses and named enemy npcs in warcraft they always tend to be designed with machinery enhancements to make them seem more of a threat. With this in mind I started sketching some kind of gun like weapon that attaches the Goblins right arm, with a whip in the other to link to the task master job he fulfils.

I am think about the types of attacks, and abilities he would use against players whilst designing which helps flesh out the design. For instance the whip being use to stun a random player, and the gun being used for a rapid fire attack of some sort, and the deadly one hit attacks that many bosses have in the game.

At the moment I just have the bust of the character as the initial sketch I did of the character had his legs posed in a way that didnt quite work. Once I have finished designing and have rendered this character I am planning to design two trash mobs that a player would fight in the dungeon and then move on to a final boss design for the dungeon.

I have also done some more work on the underground section of the power plant that would act as a second dungeon. I hope to flesh this out further after I have done the designs mentioned above.

Underground cavern dungeon designs and the entrance to the dungeon
Value/lighting rough
Edit: Here is is a quick rough of the basic 3/4 lighting I am planning to do and I have also given him legs now.

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