Sunday, 4 May 2014

Final Environment works, and whats next for the project.

Frozen Environment final

Goblin Coastal City Environment final

Tundra Environment final

Vale Environment final

Volcanic Environment final
Here are the final version of my environments, in high resolution. I went over each one after a final round of feedback. As can be seen many are significantly different in terms of rendering.

In the Frozen environment I have tried to make the foreground much more prominent and the snow rendered in a way that better represents the texture of snow. In the previous version the snow looked too gloopy, almost like icecream rather than snow. I found having a more diffuse look to the surface lighting and working in various cool colours and surround local colours significantly improved how much it looked like actual snow.

For the Goblin Costal city I have mostly improved the rendering, the water nearest to the pipe and oil station receiving the complete repaint to better indicate the direction of the seas movement and the natural way the toxic waste may interact with the water. I have also added some smoke from the chiney of the house for movement and to compliment the composition as well as the minor effect of adding a bit of local depth to that area.

Further to this I have flipped the top of the oil platform horizontally in order to keep the viewer in the painting as before it was pointing outwards. Ive done a similar thing with the rocks and the land in the foreground in order to enhance the flow of the composition.

In the tundra environment, and vale environment the focus was on rendering the focal points and improving the way the water was rendered. I have completely repainted the water in the tundra environment to look more natural which I believe is a significant improvement. Also in this painting I realised their was a weird elevation error so I have tried to address that by adding steps almost to the rocks giving a better sense of travelling upwards.

Lastly the Volcanic Environment has had the entire foreground lava repainted and the values changed in order to add more depth to the piece, and to again make various elements look more realistic. The lava I believe is much more lava like in appearance, before it was a bit too abstract.

My focus now for the project will be creating a poster and presentation for Expotees. The poster will be a representation of the methodology for the project, its the first time I have done an academic poster but they look pretty straight forward so I am confident it will not take long; and having kept this blog I have a complete representation of my methodology already, which I believe has shown the usefulness of having kept one during this project.

The report is currently in its second draft, I think after adding corrections it will be done. As such the project is essentially on track for the hand in and I will hopefully have enough time after Expotees to also do a final pass on the characters similar to what I have done with the environments.